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Instituições Financeiras,
Banca e Finanças

Sistemas de segurança integrados para segurança bancária

Bancos e instituições financeiras enfrentam uma ampla gama de desafios de segurança. Eles têm que proteger o pessoal, clientes e infra-estrutura contra ameaças cada vez mais sofisticadas. Sabemos que não queres apenas proteger seus ativos físicos, mas também seus ativos virtuais e podemos fornecer soluções de ponta para ambos.

Sistemas de segurança múltiplos precisam ser simplificados para aumentar o desempenho, atender a regulamentações mais rígidas e reduzir custos. STANLEY é uma empresa global e líder em segurança de alta tecnologia para bancos e finanças. Integramos soluções confiáveis, econômicas e de toda a empresa com mais de 30 anos de experiência.

First we assess the risks connected to your specific infrastructure: branches, self-banking stations, ATMs and corporate offices. Next, in close collaboration with your IT and security staff, we integrate new and existing security equipment, systems and networks into one single platform.

We make data protection, video surveillance, access control, intruder and fire detection work together seamlessly, reliably and cost-efficiently.

We have vast experience in managing the total security needs of major international Banks & Financial institutions across multiple continents. We can do this efficiently and effectively through the use of our centralized, cross-border International Key Account structure so you have one point of contact.

Our bank security solutions cover the entire spectrum of security systems needs for banking organisations - spanning branches, ATMs, administrative and all other back-office sites. STANLEY offers integrated, enterprise-wide support in countering operational risks. ATM security is a specialised area in its own right.

STANLEY’s intuitive management software enables remote, real-time, at-a-glance control of all branches, ATMs and corporate offices. You can change PIN codes and access permissions and configure individual hardware devices centrally. You can broadcast upgrades and programming changes remotely. You can verify alarm events immediately with integrated video capabilities. You can search and report easily on one specific site or event or generate customized reports from thousands of sites.

STANLEY is totally focused on seamless, scalable and future-proof integration. Solutions are at the centre of our attention, not products. We are supplier agnostic. We select the right, fully certified and open systems that are easy to integrate in your existing security infrastructure. For instance, we will align with your ATM supplier to make sure that our solutions are a best fit for the technology that you have selected.

You can safely and cost-efficiently outsource remote monitoring, maintenance and guarding to the STANLEY Security Operations Centres. Every alarm is immediately assessed and followed up with the agreed security procedures. Proactive check-ups prevent defects, and when a problem does occur it is remotely diagnosed to increase first-time fix rates and to reduce the number of technician callouts. Remote testing and diagnostics of your ATM network can also decrease the operating costs.

False alarms are costly and waste a lot of your valuable time. Our high installation and commissioning standards ensure minimisation of risk in this area. STANLEY provides advanced remote monitoring solutions, including video management and audio detection systems, to significantly weed out false alerts.

Our Market-leading Approach combines:

  • The largest pool of specialist security systems engineering support available in the UK and Ireland
  • Unrivalled expertise in working with client IT teams to deliver IP-based security solutions over bank networks
  • 24/7 dedicated Customer Call Centre
  • Client-specific Helpdesks
  • A true ‘partnering’ approach to deliver best value
  • A knowledge-base that permits exceptional levels of pre-planning – for on-time, on-budget programme and project delivery
  • A financially solid operational base, with a parent that is an entirely security-focused business

Customer Support incorporates:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Specialist Trained Engineers
  • Call Centre/Technology Driven Support
  • Call & Service Handling (CASH)
  • Engineer PDA Call Dispatch & Management System
  • PDA Asset Management Option
  • Bespoke and Dynamic KPI/SLA reporting
  • a ‘Joint Partnership’ approach to continuous improvement

Deliverable benefits from STANLEY's bank security solutions

In addition to securing sites with the full complement of bank security systems technologies, from an enterprise security solutions perspective STANLEY typically delivers major performance improvements and operational savings through:

  • Putting high levels of control directly into the hands of the bank’s security/estates managers
  • Provision and support of in-house alarm receiving centres (often in place of existing, fragmented third-party monitoring arrangements)
  • Cutting a bank’s costs by eliminating
  • Additional, dedicated security telephone line rentals for each site
  • Calls costs for signalling to central stations
  • Monitoring charges
  • Engineering charges for software updates
  • Reducing rates of false alarms, including policed alarms
  • Improving URN management
  • Reducing keyholder attendance/costs
  • Providing true, multi-discipline integration, including centralised database/reporting, to maximise the value derived from access control, CCTV and intruder detection systems
  • Improving branch staff safety
  • Increasing branch retail time




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