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Portos & Aeroportos

Visão geral dos sistemas de segurança em Portos e Aeroportos

A Stanley trabalha no sentido de cumprir as necessidades dos sistemas de segurança em qualquer nível: de sub-sistemas únicos a suporte contínuo e integrado de sistemas completos.

Segurança em Portos

The aim for port site security should be seamless integration across all facets of a seaport’s operations. To achieve this it is useful to break-down the initial consideration and development of an (ISPS-compliant) systems-based approach into three, key segments. These equate to the flow of people and cargo through a seaport and, equally important, through a multi-seaport system.

  • Perimeter Security Management
  • Restricted Areas Security Management
  • On-board Security Management

Integrated security systems for port security

Maximisation of integration of the sub-systems required to protect a seaport is the key to successful security control.

Various integration platforms provide differing levels of user-friendliness, intelligence and sub-system connectivity. They act as the interface through which access control, CCTV, intruder and related sub-systems report and can be managed. They provide the best way to optimise security effectiveness and productivity within the security management function. They may also contribute to other management functions, such as health & safely. A good integration platform will ensure that all resources are mobilised to their fullest when an incident occurs and archive the vital data necessary when post-incident reports and follow-up audits are made.

The power and data-handling capacity of such integration tools, combined with the options available in today’s networked world, permits centralised monitoring and control not only of the manned and unmanned sectors within a seaport site, but also, where larger maritime organisations require it, across multiple seaport sites in multiple countries. The ability to escalate the CCTV surveillance of an entire seaport site, for example, into the hands of a dedicated, remote monitoring centre, is being viewed as making a positive contribution towards the requirements set out in ISPS.

Multiple communities are served by port security systems

Most seaports host communities of separate, commercial user organisations within the site together with Customs, Immigration etc. The best integrated solutions provide these groups with local control/information of the sub-systems within the areas where they operate (particularly for access control) together with consolidation at the control centre.

Segurança em Aeroportos

Security at airport buildings and facilities is a top priority for STANLEY. With an ever present threat level from foreign and domestic sources, STANLEY is a security leader that will partner with you to develop and implement your security systems.

STANLEY provide service and maintenance support to some of the world's major airports; airports are complex sites covering multiple mission critical buildings spread over a large site - from design, integration, installation, maintenance and monitoring of security systems for airport customers, Stanley maintains one of the industry's largest and most experienced delivery and service organisations in the country.

Access/Egress Control:

  • Card(ticket) reading systems – for occasional passengers/short-term visitors
  • (Smart)Card/proximity reading ID systems (biometric components for higher security areas) – for employees, regular visitors, regular passengers
  • Consider both security access and ‘audit access’ (time & attendance) requirements
  • Relevant supporting physical controls – barriers/turnstiles/rapid transit gates
  • Tracking/Tagging systems for containers/goods in transit – GPS, RFID
  • TRACcess for key control and usage audit

Video Surveillance (CCTV)

  • Full-function cameras (PTZ) for general exterior/land perimeter/air-bound approaches and interior uses
  • Static cameras with software enhancements e.g. for motion detection, fire detection
  • ANPR systems – to log vehicles on- and off-site
  • Facial recognition – for high security entry, immigration
  • Vehicle damage recognition – to counter claims against operators
  • DVR – on- and off-site capabilities for response, audit and evidence

Intruder Sensors

  • Door contacts for entry to and within restricted areas/Fire exits
  • Perimeter detection systems – also used for sensitive areas within the site
  • PA systems – for cash-handling areas, Immigration and Customs support

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